A project focusing on Young parents, and the issues surrounding the stigma with young families. I wanted to focus of young women who have become parents between the ages of 15 to 23 years and to tell a story of how they have overcome the challenges of parent hood and also being so young themselves.

I have worked closely with seven mothers, that have kindly let me in to document them through their daily lives and routines. I wanted to capture the full outlook on the different families and their children too. When I was working with the individual families I have learnt they all have very different lifestyles also having different routines and understandings, which from a outside prospective was very interesting and I tried to capture that through the project.

Some mothers have full time or part time jobs, one mother is finishing off her degree in Midwifery which is very inspiring. Jane is also married to the father of her child too who is called Tim. They both work hard to fund their family life.

Other mothers have part time jobs so that they can spend more time with their children and their partners work either away through the week or full time to support their families. But when really looking into the project it really shouldn’t matter if they have part time jobs or full time jobs or if they are rich and poor, these seven mothers work so hard to make sure that they keep their children safe and healthy and that to me is amazing.

Women have so much pressure on their shoulders to keep the category of “perfect” but what is perfect?. The big question that kept coming up was; When is the right time to have a child? and the answer is there is NO right time. I feel we need to be more considerate towards our views and judgments towards young families or even ANY family.